As invariably flawed and imperfect individuals each using our own fallible ways to navigate this non-utopic world (a world that can be incredibly confusing, demanding and unforgiving; where rejections, separations, fair or unfair disappointments and tragic misfortunes are common occurrences) people can struggle and suffer in too many ways for far too many reasons.

Overcoming one’s personal blind spots and limitations to figure out how one might have repeatedly encountered or remain entrapped in particular difficulties is not easy, neither is the process of changing (or appropriately accepting) oneself and one’s circumstances. Thus, even Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists commonly seek personal therapy.

At Psyc Spot, we not only support clients through difficult times, but strive to help them better understand oneself and one’s difficulties. Building on these insights, we focus on helping each person develop the capacities and make the changes needed to better navigate life’s numerous challenges.

The above model that focuses on understanding and developing each client’s inner-workings to enable more adaptive ways of operating is perhaps old fashioned. While most if not all prominent therapies were originally developed according to the above holistic and humanistic principals, many have evolved into putatively cost-effective iterations that narrowly and directly target symptomatic fragments of people’s psychology in some piecemeal fashion. Despite seminal research and expert opinions both highlighted this expedient approach only works for a small range of problems and often produce shallow and short-lived improvements, it got cemented as the “gold standard” approach to mental health treatments.

Working within practical constraints, and striking a sensible balance between chipping away at deeper issues versus quickly ameliorating painful surface symptoms, we do our best to provide the form of therapy that is authentic, intrinsically holistic, and empirically demonstrated to produce meaningful, substantial, and enduring improvements. If this is the kind of psychotherapy you are after, please contact us for an appointment.

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