Fees & Rebates

Fees & Rebates

Coming from a background of servicing some of the most disadvantaged members of society before starting this practice, we have always hoped to make high quality psychotherapy more affordable. In line with this, we set our fees based on what is required for us to operate in our current form, instead of “what the market will tolerate”. As of July 2020, the out-of-pocket cost to see one of us is $71.6 per session (which is roughly half of what it costs to see many other Clinical Psychologists or even general Psychologists in our vicinity).

The actual session fee is $200 but Medicare can cover $128.4 of this amount. Note that this rebate rate is for Clinical Psychologists. Medicare covers $87.45 of the session fee charged by general Psychologists and Registrars who are in the process of gaining clinical endorsement.

To access the rebate you will need a referral that includes a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from your referring doctor. Periodic reviews by the referrer will also be needed. Medicare currently offers a maximum of 10 rebates per calendar year (i.e., renewed after 1st of January).

Clients can also fund the sessions privately. Many private health insurances also cover psychological services, but the coverage and rates vary considerably. Please check with your insurer.

Payment Method

We can only accept credit or debit card payments – processed electronically (like making an online purchase, which means we require your card details / cards “stored” in smart phones for tap-and-go may not suffice).

Cancellation Policy

Please email or SMS us to cancel or reschedule >48 hours before your appointment so we have a reasonable chance of offering your time slot to someone else. Late notice will incur a $50 fee payable before the next appointment.

We do understand that unforeseeable circumstances happen to all of us all the time, but precisely because of this, a cancellation policy needs to be in place. We have learnt that it is not viable to shoulder the full cost of all our clients’ changing circumstances. The late-notice fee helps us cover a fraction of the cost. We ask for your understanding.

No show (and notice <1 hour before scheduled appointment) will incur the full $200 session fee. If you have extenuating circumstances that might explain your absence and justify waiving or lessening this fee, please discuss with us.

Other Services

Supervision are offered at $200 per session (plus GST). One-to-one is the preferred format but pairs or even small groups are possible. Discounts are offered for those completing their Registrar program to gain clinical endorsement.

We only offer Medico-Legal psychological reports and Expert Witness services (i.e., attending court to to provide expert opinions) under exceptional circumstances. For a crude guide of the fees involved, please see the current APS fee schedule. Please be reminded that the produced reports and clinical opinions must be unbiased (i.e., may not be advantageous to your case).

Requests for supporting letters or certificates, or for the practice to send clinical records to lawyers and insurers etc., will attract reasonable fees to cover the time and other costs involved.

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