Our Services

We offer one-to-one therapy to adults and late adolescents. This includes assessment, diagnosis (required for Medicare subsidies), in-depth “case concetualizations”, guided explorations, supportive counselling, psycho-education, explicit skills training, implicit psychological capacities development, clinical interventions, and more.

We are committed to Evidence-Based Practice. To this end, we make careful use of the easily and widely misused findings from our field’s inexact clinical science to guide how we conceptualize and address both common and idiosyncratic mental health challenges.

We Can Help With

  • Depression (esp. chronic or recurrent)
  • Grief, separation, and other losses
  • Guilt and other struggles with morality
  • Anxieties and panic attacks
  • Intrusive thoughts and worries (e.g., GAD)
  • Trauma (e.g., PTSD or other forms)
  • Obsessions and compulsions (e.g., OCD, other fixations)
  • Eating disorders (e.g., binge eating, purging, restricting)
  • Existential and other philosophical concerns
  • Dilemmas, internal conflicts, difficulties with adjustment
  • Addictions (esp. underlying causes)
  • Anger and frustration
  • Self-esteem and other (e.g., confused) sense-of-self issues
  • Self-sabotaging and self-defeating processes
  • Lack of intrinsic drive, purpose, or directions
  • Disconnectedness with one’s endorsed values
  • Sense of emptiness
  • Insecurities and other relationship related difficulties
  • Compulsive and/or habitual lying
  • Emotional volatility and/or dysregulation
  • Problematic personality structures or dynamics
  • Peculiar mental disturbances (e.g., dissociative experiences)
  • Psychotic experiences (e.g., delusions, hallucinations)
  • And many more…

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