Justin Leung

Clinical Psychologist - Justin Leung (Rosebery, Alexandria, Zetland, Waterloo, Eastlakes, Botany, Mascot)

Justin King Hang Leung

Clinical Psychologist
Mascot: Monday and Wednesday
Rosebery: Tuesday and Thursday

I have devoted the past decade constantly striving to better understand and assist people from all walks of life (e.g., from those struggling with homelessness, hospitalizations, or imprisonments, to humble hard workers, ambitious businessmen, passionate activists, unconventional artists, and countless others who do not fit stereotypical categorizations).

Regular engagement with diverse individuals whose psychologies and experienced difficulties are often intricately different-yet-similar vs. similar-yet-different have trained me to discern when I should generalize from comparable cases and stock theories vs. need to highlight the nuances and tailor therapy accordingly.

The focus of people’s therapy varies. Some people benefit most from re-conditioning automated responses and mental processes. Others benefit more from learning how to better identify and work around cognitive biases. Still others need assistance to build the ego-strength required to acknowledge and address (rather than deny or distort) unpleasant aspects of reality, establish balanced values, find purpose and drive, nurture a realistically positive and authentic sense-of-self, develop mature relational styles, work through psychologically scarring trauma, make sense of seemingly incongruous and otherwise perplexing aspects of oneself and/or the world, and many, many more…

People have such phenomenally diversified psychologies and experienced challenges. I am grateful for being given a chance to help, and to learn about all the psychological variabilities and complexities from those I try to help. In many ways, psychotherapy is a mutually rewarding endeavour.

Other Notes

While dedicated to clinical practice, Justin also guest lectured on advanced topics for the clinical masters program at UNSW and trains clinical psychology postgraduates at UTS. He was also invited to share his expertise with the clinical division of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Justin adopts an integrated approach to therapy. He is most proficient with utilizing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Therapy (PDT), but also draws from the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and a few other modalities.

Justin is from Hong Kong and speaks fluent English and native Cantonese. He sees adults and late-adolescents, and has experience providing psychotherapy to Psychiatrist and Psychologist clients.

Phone: 0415 811 277
Email: justin.leung@psycspot.org.au

Address 1: Suite 7 / 61-71 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018 (At The Cannery)
Address 2: Shop 5 / 659-669 Gardeners Rd, Mascot NSW 2020 (Near Mascot Station)