Luke Heeps

Dr Luke Heeps

Clinical Psychologist
Mascot: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

I first started doing psychotherapy work nearly 30 years ago. Although psychologists do many different things these days, my primary interest and passion has always been an interest in human change and how to best manage the seemingly inevitable trials of life which impact us on so many levels (emotionally, mentally and our bodies). This interest in dealing with our pain and struggles creating better outcomes for one’s life, has been a focus of my training and research during uni days, as well as my own life, and continues today. Through an interest in a wide range of therapeutic learnings from a wide body of knowledge and practices that stem from both modern scientific learnings in psychology and neuroscience, as well as traditions that have spanned multiple cultures over thousands of years of accumulated human experience, I have developed a wholistic approach to therapy. I have been exploring these questions for many years, culminating in the formal training of a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and research into processes of control and acceptance within our lives that promote wellbeing. This research was presented and received well by international reviewers and at an international conference for psychiatric research.

My approach to psychotherapy has developed over many years through continued training and witnessing the change process of many different clients and my own life. In terms of formal psychotherapeutic frameworks, I was struck by the principles and research evidence from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT Therapy) in 2008, which led to the beginning of ongoing interest and training that continues today. ACT therapy is a modern addition to traditional Cognitive and Behavioural therapies, incorporating the use of more mindfulness-based approaches in dealing with emotions and our thinking; as well as emphasising the essential process of finding purpose and meaning in our life through identifying inner values. This allows us to become more creator/director of our own lives (no matter what trials are happening); rather than getting stuck in feeling lost and confused by life’s difficulties, such that what we do to escape our suffering, can often inadvertently escalate it.

Understanding the processes that promote change and the tricky process of traversing the space from suffering to better dealing with life’s pains in a way we grow means the importance of a positive therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. By maintaining an “unconditional positive regard” (as one famous psychologist put it), many clients have remarked on their feeling a strong sense of acceptance and non-judgment in our work together, which is vital to creating an atmosphere where personal change can occur.

I have worked with a great variety of people from all walks of life experiencing all kinds of unique struggles presented by life. So I welcome the opportunity to meet and work to assist people in creating better lives for themselves. And when I’m not at work, I’ll be father, husband and outside in the ocean, surfing or in the mountains, mountain-biking, skiing or some other pursuit that is part of my purpose and meaning. I sincerely appreciate and look forward to meeting you and working together to explore the opportunity for change and better living through the process of this life.

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