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Email: info@psycspot.org.au
Phone: 0415 811 277

When we initially planned our first psychology practice, we hoped to establish ourselves in Wolli Creek, either near Discovery Point or Cahill Park. Practical considerations led us to set-up in Rosebery and Mascot instead, but we remain focused on providing psychotherapy and counselling services to the Wolli Creek community, and have developed close referral ties with Wolli Creek doctors.

Services we provide are not limited to treating diagnoses mental health conditions (such as Major Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders, and Psychotic Conditions). Our team of Clinical Psychologists come with diverse experience and practice different forms of therapy, but we share the view that psychotherapy should focus on facilitating client insight (into oneself and one’s struggles) and development (of overt skills and covert capacities), with symptom reduction being an indirect and natural outcome.

Many of our clients from Wolli Creek take the train to our Mascot psychology practice, since this is just a short 10min trip along the trainline between Wolli Creek and the Sydney CBD. Those who drive will find both of our locations easily reachable, with parking nearby.

Local Psychologists Wolli Creek (South Sydney)

Wolli Creek to Mascot
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Rosebery Psychology Practice:
Suite 7/61-71 Mentmore Ave
Rosebery NSW 2018

Mascot Psychology Practice:
Shop 5/659-669 Gardeners Road
Mascot NSW 2020